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401K Plans:

Longview Wealth Management, LLC helps business owners build, improve, and manage their 401k retirement plans.  Our 401k plans are easy for the business owner to administer, safe from a fiduciary liability point of view, competitive, and successful at helping employees reach retirement.  We help our business owner clients maximize their tax savings and deferral opportunities with their retirement plans.  All our plans are "open architecture" and offer many of the best funds from a large number of the best companies.

We partner with the biggest and best record-keeping companies in the country that operate 401k plans for small and mid-sized businesses.

What can our 401K plans offer than many other plans do not?
1. Better fiduciary liability protection.
2. Increased deferral rates and tax savings for the owner(s) based on customized plan design.
3. Better service, education, advice for your employees.  5-Star Investment Advisor.
4. Open architecture.  A robust fund lineup from a wide variety of the best fund firms.
5. Qualified Default Investment (QDI) options which make investing simple for participants and offer reduced fiduciary exposure for the business owners if used properly.

We would be happy to give you a free review of your company's existing 401k plan to see if it is competitive, compliant, maximizing your tax benefits, and safe from a fidiciary liability point of view.

Call Keith today at  952 465-1785  or email  keith@longviewwealth.com to set up a free initial meeting to discuss your retirement plan.

Longview Wealth Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser.  The advisor may not transact business in states where it is not appropriately registered.  The rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation will not be made without registration or exemption. 

Common 401(k) Mistakes